Chinese Remedial Massage/ Qigong Tuina
Qigong Tuina is an advanced form of acupressure, including joint rotation and manipulation, stretches and unique hand movements to move qi in the body.
It is received clothed- no oils or lubricants are used.
Tuina can be hard/yang or soft/yin.
We as people are not all the same
and our conditions are also not the same.
I treat each person according to their qi, their energy
I work with meridian and internal organ pathology.
I work with muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
I work with energy in the body and emotions and thought patterns.
I treat holistically so that each person can find their innate whole body healing. It is a process of facilitating your own healing.

I have held a certificate in Therapeutic Massage since 1989 and have regularly practised massage before becoming an acupuncturist